One of the easiest retrofits I did was to fit the T6 rear lights (bear in mind this post refers to the barn door models only). While I believe you can fit tailgate lights on the barn door model, it does involve some modification to the light unit itself. You will still need to do some slight modifications to the wiring loom on the T5 but it’s totally reversible, so this modification can be restored back to original when you come to sell it.

Tools required

Parts required

  • Near side T6 light unit – VW Part 7E0945095T or 7E0945095Q
  • Off side T6 light unit – VW Part 7E0945096T or 7E0945096Q

While you can source the parts directly from VW or eBay, I preferred to go with buying them from The reason being is that there seems to be a premium on eBay for T5 parts and seeing as Hella make the genuine units and Hella are available from for cheaper than a used set on eBay, it made far more sense. It’s also worth noting that the new sets come complete with bulb holders and bulbs, bargain!

How to remove T5 rear lights

Opening up both rear doors, you will see each light unit has 2 Philips screws holding the unit in.

Remove the screws and slide the unit outwards, towards the side of the van, there are 2 clip/pegs on the side of the van which the unit clips into, be careful not to break them so gently pull the unit outwards so that it releases (there should be a 10mm gap appear between the unit and the rubber time, see the photo below).

The unit should then pull out backwards. Using the flat head screwdriver, gently pry the connector clip down and away from the unit until it clicks, now pull the connector off the bulb holder. Repeat on the other light unit.

Modifying the connector pins 

On the flat side of the connector, you will see a purple plastic clip (see the picture below).

Using the flat head screwdriver, pry the plastic clip outwards from the connector and slide it out of the connector. Keep this safe!

Now remove some of the insulation from the wiring loom to allow you the space to reconfigure the wiring pins.

Use the laser terminal removal tool to remove all the wires from the connector. To do this, pull slightly on the wire with one hand and with the other hand, push the tool in through the face of the connector so that the tools’ pins release the tabs on the wiring pin. Repeat on the other connector so that all wiring pins are removed.

Near side pin connector layout

  • 1 – Empty
  • 2 – Green wire with thin black tracer
  • 3 – Grey wire with thin black tracer
  • 4 – Brown wire
  • 5 – Black wire with thin white tracer
  • 6 – Black wire with thin red tracer

Offside pin connector layout

  • 1 – Grey wire with thin white tracer
  • 2 – Green wire with thin black tracer
  • 3 – Grey wire with thin red tracer
  • 4 – Brown wire
  • 5 – Black wire with thin green tracer
  • 6 – Black wire with thin red tracer

Testing and refitting

At this point, you should now be able to fit the new T6 light units and test them. All lights should work as they did before (see note below). If everything works, apply some electrical tape around the wiring loom to tidy up the wiring and fit the light units in the reverse of removal.

Note: On the T5.1 you will have a warning light on the dashboard when applying the brakes. The reason for this is that the new light unit uses a different type of bulb for the brake light which has a different resistance to the original bulb. To overcome this there are various ways you can fix it, one being to swap the bulb for a similar bulb with a resistance that matches the old bulb, alternatively, if you have access to VCDS, you can code the warning light out so it no longer appears. 


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