When it comes to keeping your Transporter in tip top condition, it’s important to make sure it’s regularly serviced. To help make my life easier (and hopefully someone else’s) I put this post together with all the information and part numbers I would need when it comes to servicing.


I’m sure you know how important oil is in an engine, so I’m not going to go into too much detail about the different variations. All you need to remember is that if you’ve got the older T5 with a 5 cylinder 2.5 engine without a particulate filter then you’ll need to use 0W/30 (VW 506.01 spec) otherwise you’ll be needing 5W/30 (VW 507 00 spec).

So now you know which type of oil you need, you’ll also want to know how much you’ll need, so:

  • 1.9 litre engines with engine codes AXB or AXC then you’ll need 5.8 litres
  • 1.9 litre engines with engine codes BRR or BRS then you’ll need 6.3 litres.
  • 2.0 litre engines all use 7.0 litres
  • 2.5 litre engines all use 7.4 litres.

The torque for the oil drain plug is 30Nm and the torque for the oil filter cap is 25Nm



Luckily VW made this part easy, all Transporters, whether T5, T5 GP or T6, all use the same air filter. The VW part number are:

  • 7E0 129 620
  • 7H0 129 620

However there are many aftermarket options available when it comes to filters, so shop around. Below are a few Amazon affiliate links of filters that will fit:


T5 2003 - 2010

Diesel Engines

Oil filters are a little more tricky, if you have a T5 which is either the 1.9TDI (engine codes AXB/AXC/BRR/BRS) or the 2.5TDI (engine codes BLJ/AXD/AXE/BPC/BNZ) then your oil filter has a VW part number of:

  • 071 115 562
Petrol Engines

If you have a 2.0 petrol engine with the engine code AXA then the oil filter you’ll need will have one of the following VW part numbers:

  • 034 115 561 A
  • 06A 115 561
  • 06A 115 561 B
  • 078 115 561 K
  • 1JM 115 561 BZ
  • 06A 115 561 E

The 3.2 VR6 engine with the engine codes BDL/BKK/CFLA will have the following VW part numbers:

  • 021 115 561 B
  • 021 115 562 A

T5 GP (T5.1) 2010 - 2016

Diesel Engines

All 2.0 TDI engines have the same oil filter unless you have the CFCA engine code. For engines with the codes CAAA/CAAB/CAAC/CAAD/CCHA/CCHB all use the same filter which has the following VW part numbers:

  • 03L 115 562
  • 03L 115 466

For engines with the CFCA engine code then you’ll the VW part number:

  • 03L 115 561
Petrol Engines

This is where it get’s a bit more complicated. The petrol engines fitted to the T5 GP (T5.1) had engines codes CJKA/CJKB and depending on the manufacture year of your van, there are 2 different oil filters which your van could have. If your van was manufactured in, or before 08/12 then you’ll need the VW part numbers:

  • 06H 115 403
  • 06J 115 561 B
  • 06H 115 561
  • 06J 115 403 C
  • 06J 115 403 J
  • 06J 115 403 M
  • 06J 115 403 Q

If your van was manufactured in, or after 09/12 then you’ll need VW part numbers:

  • 06J 115 403 L
  • 06J 115 403 R

T6 (2016 onwards)

Diesel Engines

Early T6 models came with the same engines that the T5 GP did. So if yours has one of the engine numbers listed above, then you can use the oil filters listed there. If however, you have a T6 which had the diesel engine with the engine codes CXGA/CXGB/CXEB/CXEC/CXHB/CXFA/CXHA then you’ll need one of the following VW part numbers:

  • 03N 115 562
  • 03N 115 466
  • 03N 115 562 B
Petrol Engines

The T6 came with the same petrol engines that the T5 GP did, so if yours has one of the engine codes listed above, use the oil filter listed there.


Much like the Air filter, all Transporters from T5 onwards used the same cabin filter. The VW part number for this is:

  • 7H0 819 631


Air filters and cabin filters are the same over the whole range of T5, T5 GP and T6 models. The only difference is the oil filter which varies on the engine code you have. 

I’ve put together some Amazon Affiliate links for the more popular models of Transporter. The links have the oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter you need to carry out a service on your van. (Full disclosure – For every purchase, I receive a small fee for referring you. This all goes to helping keep the site running). As always, you can shop around and possibly get the parts a little cheaper.

While every effort has been made to make sure the guidance is correct, please make sure you’re happy that the parts fit your vehicle. Amazon has a fantastic tool that can check if the part fits your vehicle based on the registration number. No warranty/guarantee is implied nor given for the information in this post.

T5 1.9 TDI (AXB/AXC) 2003 – 2010 Requiring 5.8 litres of VW 507 00 Oil

T5 1.9 TDI (BRR/BRS) or 2.5 TDI (BLJ/AXD/AXE/BPC/BNZ) 2003 – 2010 Requiring 6.3/7.4 litres of VW 507 00 Oil




James Redford · 25th April 2020 at 11:01 am

Hi, I’m currently fitting a t6 tailgate to a t5.1 I understand the locking mechanism on the t6 tailgate relies on being constantly live rather than relying on a pulse like the old barn doors. I know I need to run 2 cables from my bcm to the tailgate. I’m unsure the pin outs I need on the bcm. I have vcds as I know I will need to code the tailgate. Any help would be greatly received. I also have to run a wire for the heated screen if you could help.

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